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  • What steps and paperwork must be must completed in order to schedule job?
    Once your request for asphalt work has been received, one of our estimators will be calling you to schedule appointment. After the visit from the estimator a proposal will be emailed detailing the scope and price of the proposed job (not including possible permit fees as these fees very depending on the project type and location.) Upon signing of the proposal, a 50 % deposit is required to schedule work. Most projects require a copy the property survey which can usually be found within you closing paperwork. Feel free to call us directly with any questions or concerns that you may have at 954-577-9255.
  • How is the price of an asphalt project determined?
    Costs are determined by a number of details such as: Size of the asphalt project How much preparation is involved in order to make the driveway drain properly Necessary grading, excavation and rock base material required Permitting Process These are all factors that come into play when determining a price to repair, resurface or install an asphalt driveway.
  • Can I simply put a new layer of asphalt over my old one?
    ​In some cases it is possible to overlay an existing asphalt driveway with another layer of asphalt. This can save money over a full driveway replacement. There are times, however, when we advise our customers against it for a number of reasons. Anywhere there are existing cracks or where the asphalt is broken up will “reflect” through the new layer over time as the asphalt settles. Drainage may be disturbed when adding a layer on top of the old as the new asphalt raises the height of the driveway. Unless your driveway has sunken in front of the garage or street, the new layer will be higher causing drainage issues. We can repair these problem areas in large jobs but for smaller driveways a complete replacement is usually the best solution.
  • What is Hot Mix Asphalt?
    Hot mix asphalt is an engineered mixture of stones, sand, and a petroleum product called liquid asphalt cement. Varying sizes of this stone and sand mixture, called aggregate, are heated and then mixed in exact proportions with liquid asphalt cement that is heated to 300 degrees.While the mixture is hot, it is delivered to your driveway and applied on top of the prepared sub-base with a self-propelled paving machine. The asphalt is applied at a consistent, even thickness, creating a smooth, even paved surface.
  • How long do I have to wait before I can walk or drive on my new asphalt driveway?
    The hot asphalt mix hardens quickly and usually can be walked on within one hour. Depending on weather conditions, you should wait at least 3 to 5 days before driving on it. Asphalt cures as it ages and becomes more flexible and softer the warmer it is. As asphalt ages it loses some of its oil becomes less flexible. Obviously, in the hot summer months in South Florida asphalt doesn't cool as quickly as in the cooler season. For the first couple weeks try to keep from turning you tires from a stand still and instead try to keep moving as you turn to avoid tearing or marking you new driveway.


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